Real Computer Monitoring Block

I find the CPU/Memory/HDD/Net stats as something I regularly take a look at. But these stats live a virtual live. If they are a desktop gadget they are pushed in the background by other programs or they are doomed to live like a little bar down in the taskbar.
The desire to somehow free the stats from their virtual world and have them on my desk is what made me create the Re Co Mon B – Real Computer Monitoring Block. Bellow you can see how it looks like
And that is a video demonstration:
If you are interested in the details please read the the very detailed blog I have prepared. Bellow you can read the short version of how I created the Re Co Mon B.
Real Computer Monitoring Block

I approached my idea quite literally starting with the CPU load – I wanted a real tachometer connected to the PC via USB to show me the CPU load.

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