Mini Arduino environment monitor

This is an Example of how you can use the Arduino to monitor various environmental parameters And display them on a LCD screen.
Mini Arduino environment monitor
Note: I Added a Real Time Clock!! To see the steps, added parts  and Sketch I added new steps..

Arduino uno R3 or compatible                                           30.00
Sain smart “1.8” TFT Color LCD Display                          18.50
DHT11 Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor        6.44
Mini Breadboard                                                                    5.00
Jumper Wire
I used the mini breadboard to connect the display to the Arduino.
Use jumper wires to connect from the Arduino pins to the breadboard in the following order:
Arduino:  5v         TFT DISPLAY   VCC
gnd                                 GND
Digital     4                                      SCL
5                                     SDA
6                                     CS
7                                     DC
8                                     RES

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