Manual Controlled Toll Gate Using Push Button Using Arduino

Manual Controlled Toll Gate

n this Instructable we will simulate an Toll Booth Gate by using a manual Push Button to open and close the gate.Manual Controlled Toll Gate

How Does It Work?

When the vehicle comes in front of the gate, the push button is pressed & the gate is opened, this is done by sending a command via microcontroller to the servo to open the gate 90 Degree.

So, we will let’s begin.

Step 1: Components NeededComponents Needed (1)

All That You Need.

Hardware Required

  • NodeMCU
  • Servo Motor
  • Push Button
  • Bread Board
  • Micro USB cable
  • Connecting Wires

Software Required

  • Arduino IDE (with ESP8266 Library installed)

Craft Items

  • Chart ( any colour )
  • Sketch Pen ( any color )
  • Empty Box

Step 2: Building Processcover the box

The construction part of the craft is been displayed clearly in the images. You can choose any colour (optional). You add your creative ideas to make the Instructable look even more awesome.

Step 3: Circuit ConnectionCircuit Connection

Follow each image for the circuit connections, connections are very simple.

This Instructable is part of a series of Instructables with the NodeMCU, my previous Instructables shows you how to Interfacing servo motor and push button with NodeMCU.

So make sure, you check those circuit connections first before trying out this.

Interfacing Servo Motor with NodeMCU

Control LED Using PushButton with NodeMCU

Step 4: Programming StageProgramming Stage

#include <Servo.h>
Servo servo;const int button = 16;int temp = 0;
void setup() { Serial.begin(9600);
 pinMode(button, INPUT);
 servo.attach(2); //D4
void loop() {temp = digitalRead(button);
        if (temp == HIGH) {
        Serial.println(" Toll Opened Proceed ");
      else {
        Serial.println(" Pay to Open Toll ");

Download the “Toll_Gate.ino” file and open it up in the Arduino IDE.


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