Bronze Infinity YouTube Play Button Subscriber Counter Using Arduino

Infinity YouTube Play Button Subscriber Counter: Sometimes when people reach different milestones on YouTube, they create their own play button and Subscriber counter. So to accomplish both purposes, the Infinity Play Button! Infinity has a double meaning here because it has a subscriber counter and the play button mirror is also an infinite mirror.

For the infinity mirror used LED strip controller. Users are controlled by a counter display using an Arduino. I didn’t use the code here, but this video was created by the person who created the code.

This is a video I made where I updated their video:

While making a video of it, you can check it out here:

Tools Required for Make a Bronze Infinity YouTube Play Button Subscriber Counter:


Step 1: Make the Layout

Create a layout for the play button and print it. For the subscriber counter, use the LED matrix display. For play button mirrors, this 5.5 round mirror is used.

On this sheet of copper-colored aluminum, marked all the lines. The aluminum sheet is 12 ″ x 14.5 is and the final play button will be 8.5 ″ x 11. Add straight lines and align the play button to help me. After attaching to the metal sheet, around it. A two-way removable tape was used to help me put it in place. Extend each line by dragging the triangle in its place.

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