LTM4641 – 38V, 10A DC/DC µModule Regulator, Input and Load Protection


  • Wide Operating Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 38V
  • 10A DC Typical, 12A Peak Output Current
  • Output Range: 0.6V to 6V
  • ±1.5% Maximum Total Output DC Voltage Error
  • Differential Remote Sense Amplifier for POL Regulation
  • Internal Temperature, Analog Indicator Output
  • Overcurrent Fold back and Over temperature Protection
  • Current Mode Control/Fast Transient Response
  • Parallel able for Higher Output Current
  • Selectable Pulse-Skipping Operation
  • Soft-Start/Voltage Tracking/Pre-Bias Start-Up
  • 15mm × 15mm × 5.01mm BGA Package

   Input Protection

  • UVLO, Overvoltage Shutdown and Latch off Thresholds
  • N-Channel Overvoltage Power-Interrupt MOSFET Driver
  • Surge Stopper Capable with Few External Components

   Load Protection

  • Robust, Resettable Latch off Overvoltage Protection
  • N-Channel Overvoltage Crowbar Power MOSFET Driver
This product has been released to the market. The data sheet contains all final specifications and operating conditions. For new designs, ADI recommends utilization of these products.
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