Low Power, 3-Axis Digital Output Gyroscope


The MAX21000 is a low power, low noise, 3-axis angular rate sensor that delivers unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity over temperature and time. It operates with a supply voltage as low as 1.71V for minimum power consumption. It includes a sensing element and an IC interface that provides the measured angular rate to the external world through a digital interface (I2C/SPI).
Low Power, 3-Axis Digital Output GyroscopeThe IC has a full scale of ±31.25/±62.50/±125/±250/ ±500/±1k/±2k degrees per second (dps) and measures rates with a finely tunable user-selectable bandwidth. The high ODR and the large BW, the low noise at highest FS, together with the low phase delay, make the IC suitable for both user interface (UI) and optical image stabilization (OIS) applications.
The IC is a highly integrated solution available in a compact 3mm x 3mm x 0.9mm plastic land grid array (LGA) package and does not require any external components other than supply bypass capacitors. It can operate over the -40°C to +85°C temperature range.

Key Features

  • Minimum Overall Footprint
    • Industry’s Smallest and Thinnest Package for Portable Devices (3mm x 3mm x 0.9mmLGA)
    • No External Components
  • Unique Low-Power Capabilities
    • Low Operating Current Consumption (5.4mA typ)
    • Eco Mode Available at 100Hz with 3.0mA (typ)
    • 1.71V (min) Supply Voltage
    • Standby Mode Current 2.7mA (typ)
    • 9µA (typ) Power-Down Mode Current
    • High PSRR and DC-DC Converter Operation
    • 45ms Turn-On Time from Power-Down Mode
    • 5ms Turn-On Time from Standby Mode
  • OIS Suitability
    • Minimum Phase Delay (~3° at 10Hz)
    • High Bandwidth (400Hz)
    • High ODR (10kHz)
    • Low Noise (9mdps/√Hz typ)
    • Four Different FS in OIS Mode: ±31.25/±62.50/±125/±250 dps

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