How To Make a PC Control Robot Using Arduino

PC Control Robot

Do you ever tried to control your robot using your PC or laptop? Controlling a robot using PC or laptop is often being a fun for the student or hobbyist. Thus during this article you will be tend to learn how to control your robot using your PC or laptop. Here it is assumed that you know How To Send Serial Data From Arduino To Laptop or PC and How To Receive and Send Serial Data Using Arduino Board. Thus lets begin to making this awesome DIY hack today with us. PC Control Robot

Component Required:

  1. Arduino UNO Board
  2. PC/Laptop
  3. L293D Motor Driver IC
  4. 2 Motor
  5. Serial Bluetooth Module
  6. 2 wheels
  7. Chassis
  8. Castor wheel
  9. Software (serial port software on your PC/laptop)

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Here we use a L293D motor driver IC which is used for the controlling the rotation of the two motor connected to robot. Pin no 2,7,10,15 of L293D motor driver IC is connected to the pin no 9,8,7,6 of arduino board. Output pin 3,6,11,14  of the L293D motor driver IC is connected with the motor as shown within the Circuit Diagram Image.

For the connection of RX and TX read this article How To Receive and Send Serial Data Using Arduino Board
NOTE:- Bluetooth Module should be removed while uploading the code from PC to Arduino board.
 PC Control Robot Schematic

Code for PC Controlled Robot:
 If you are beginner to arduino then download Arduino IDE from here How To Install Arduino Software On Windows. We use 9600 baud rate for the transmission of the data from PC/Laptop to Robot.Click here to Download the source code for PC controlled robot.

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