How To Build A Arduino Mood Lighting

Arduino mood lighting (1)

This instructable will show you who to build a rgb lighting system with an Arduino. You can also control it with an iPod/iPhone/iPad using touchOSC. In my previous instructable I showed how to control one rgb led in this you can control heaps with a single chip the ULN2003A.

Arduino mood lighting (1)

Step 1: Parts

You will need

ULN2003A ic or equivilent
common cathode RGB LED’s(- + – -)
jumper wires
breadboard or perfboard
Resistors based on your led(I used one per channel)
Cable for linking RGB LED’s around your home(optional)

Step 2: The circuit

Red to pin 9
green to pin 10
blue to pin 11

Step 3: Program

Use the code below for your systemArduino mood lighting circuit (1)

There are two sets of code bellow one is a simple flash red, flash green, flash blue and is my code.


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