Getting Started with GPS

This article looks at the options for getting started with a GPS design for industrial applications, from the transceivers to modules and the evaluation boards available, as well as the antenna issues to consider. It looks at how modules from suppliers such as Antenova and NXP Semiconductors can be used, extending to single chip implementations from Maxim and Skyworks.
Navigation and positioning are becoming increasingly popular functions in many devices, from dedicated satellite navigation handsets to integration in mobile phones and automobiles. They are now appearing in digital cameras and even used for tracking high value assets, making the integration of navigation technology an important design element. However, this brings together digital processing, software, analog and RF design expertise that may not be common within one company.
Getting Started with GPS
As a result, suppliers are providing modules for evaluating satellite navigation devices that can be used directly in low-to-medium volume designs. This avoids many issues of RF and analog design for the antenna system and allows the developer to add navigation capability simply and easily to a product.

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