Fastron – metal enclosures with fluent shapes

Aesthetic and relatively massive enclosures from company Festoon are the novelty able to provide an attractive look to your devices.
Metal enclosures are a stable part of our offer. We usually choose them, when wanting to produce a device with a higher mechanical rigidity or with a higher resistance to disturbances (EMI shielding) but even for example in cases when we want our device to have a more “luxury” impression. An interesting novelty in this segment are new aluminum enclosures of the FSG and FHG series from company Fast Ron.
Fastron – metal enclosures with fluent shapes
FSG (FSG1084, FSG1584, FSG2084, FSG2584) series enclosures are constructed as 4-piece with 1.5mm thick walls and with a front/ rear panel up to 2mm thick. Enclosure construction enables an easy assembly of a target device and also a good access in case of servicing and similar. Enclosures are supplied assembled and with 4 self-adhesion feet. Enclosures are treated with a green powder coating (upper part) and with a grey coating (bottom part). Front and rear part are chromate ( a chemical process creating a thin layer protecting from corrosion and improving adhesion of further coatings/ paint). It´s worth to notice considerably different dimensions (width) of the smallest and the biggest enclosure. A wide front panel offers an interesting construction and design alternative to common enclosures.
FHG series enclosure FHG214 is a relatively big DIN rail enclosure featuring a precise construction and very good shielding properties. All-aluminum construction and an integrated DIN-rail holder give a proposal of a long lifetime. Vast perforation enables a trouble-free intensive cooling of electronics.

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Advantages / Features of the FSG series:
  • universal aluminum enclosures with an interesting design
  • zinc-plated steel inner holder
  • surface treatment by a powder coating (bottom and top part)
  • chromatid front and rear panel
  • 1.5 / 2mm walls thickness

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