EnvStick USB Temperature Sensor using PIC12F683

USB Temperature Sensor.

The EnvStick is cheap, homemade temperature sensor that plugs into a USB port. It provides a simple way to collect a room’s ambient temperature. I made it for fun.

USB Temperature Sensor.

EnvStick Features:
– Temp sensor (+/- .5 deg C)

– USB 2.0

– Windows/Linux software

– Poll up to 100 times/minute– In-circuit programming– Only 11 components– Indicator LED

The EnvStick shows up as a serial port – a COM port on Windows boxes. Here you can see the typical output (on a program like Hyperterminal) – it waits a specified number of seconds, spits out a temperature reading, and starts waiting again. If you press “p”, you can set the number of seconds in between each temperature reading.


Schematic USB Temperature Sensor

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