Dust off spray

Heat and arcing won´t represent a threat to your health. Dust-off sprays will displace dust simply and efficiently even in harsh environment and from hard-to-reach places.
Who wouldn´t like to have an allround reliable helper – a helper with a long hold-off, which won´t lose his breath after a short work?
Dust off containing a pressurized non-flammable gas is designed for an efficient displacement of dust from electronics, optics, mechanics and other industrial devices. Appropriate air flow and a nozzle ensure an effective and economical dosage. Dust-off series sprays from company Kontakt-Chemie belong to the top-selling products from this producer.
Dust off spray
The spray can be used with or without an extension tube, convenient mainly for hard-to-reach places. Dust-off is available in 200ml and also in the 400ml package usable in a vertical position. A special version is the Dust-off 360 usable even in the upside-down position. Because laws of physics are also valid for sprays, after a longer usage at once, the can cools down and the inner pressure decreases. In such case, it is only necessary to wait for a while in order to allow the can to warm-up from surrounding environment. The advantage of a pressurized air in comparison to other cleaning methods is, that it is possible to direct it accurately only on desired places (what increases efficiency of cleaning) and also, that it doesn´t leave any residues, thus usable on virtually any components. Detailed information will provide you the Dust-off datasheet.
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