Bicycle vs Chainless Bicycle (Shaft Driven Bicycle)


Low durability
Cut the cloth
Dirty and greasy chain; sharp sprocket teeth; delicate components susceptible to damage.

Chainless bicycle Shaft driven bicycle

High durability
Less noise
Safe no chain bite
Easy – no grease or external components to disturb or damage.

Bicycle vs Chainless Bicycle

Chainless Bicycle Advantages:

Smoother ride
Easier to transport
Lower cost of ownership

Bicycle vs Chainless Bicycle (Shaft Driven Bicycle)

Shaft driven cycle is a cycle that uses a drive shaft instead of a chain to transmit power from the pedal to the wheel. Shaft drives were introduced over a century ago, but most of the chain-driven bicycles were fitted by spirits and derailers due to the potential for gear. Recently, a small number of shaft driven bicycles were introduced due to the development of internal gear technology. The shaft-driven motorcycle is where the traditional motorcycle chains are. This mesh is with another bevel gear mounted on the drive shaft. Bevel gears are the most effective way of turning a 90-degree drive compared to worm gears or cross-helical gear. Shaft drives need to be periodically lubricated using only a grease gun to keep the gears quiet and smooth. This “chainless” drive system provides smooth, efficient and efficient transfer of energy from the pedal to the rear wheels. It is interesting to compare the Chinese driven cycle. It replaces the traditional method.

If the bevel wheel can be cut accurately and cheaply through machinery, it is possible that the gears of this specification will greatly increase the chain drive gear. But the fact that bevel wheel teeth cannot penetrate properly hinders their practical success.

The shaft spiral is connected between a pair of bevel gears. The basic application of spiral bevel gear differs from vehicle, where the drive shaft must be 90 degrees to operate the wheels. The helical design produces less vibration and noise than conventional straight cut or asparagus gear with straight teeth.

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