Battery voltage monitor

This voltage monitor has been designed to remotely display battery voltage so that people monitor and maintain their batteries easily. It was designed for use on off-grid renewable energy systems (such as my solar PV system), but it would also be useful to anyone who has a lead-acid battery, such as caravans, boats and cars.
It is designed to plug in to a car ‘cigar lighter’ socket and display the voltage on a remote LED display. Here are the plans to make your own.
Battery voltage monitor
Parts required

  • 3mm plywood sheet (around 1/3 sheet of A4)
  • Wood glue
  •  machine screws (around 12mm long)
  • 2 x M3 nuts
  • 4-digit LED display
    • I used this one from Sun Tek Store (but available at other places including eBay):
  • On/off switch
    • I used this one from Sun Tek Store (but any switch would work):
  • 2m of twin (red/black) cable
  • ‘Cigar ligher’ type plug
    Tools required

    •  Access to a laser cutter – such as at your local hack space
    •  Soldering iron and solder
    •  Side cutters or wire strippers
    •  Posidrive screwdriver

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