Arduino Serial Thermometer

Arduino Serial Thermometer1

The Arduino reads temperature from a MCP9700 temperature sensor IC and displays the temperature in the Arduino IDE serial monitor window.

Arduino Serial Thermometer1

Also see the Arduino LCD thermometer tutorial (tutorial 14).


Complete Tutorial 9: Using the Arduino Serial Port before attempting this tutorial.


Besides an Arduino Uno board, USB cable, wire links and a breadboard, you will need:

2 100n C1, C2 Non-polarized Capacitor
1 MCP9700 U1 Linear Active Thermistor IC Semiconductor


Circuit Diagram

Arduino Serial Thermometer schemetic1

The schematic for the Arduino serial thermometer and pinout for the MCP9700 is shown below. The MCP9700 temperature sensor is packaged in a TO-92 case – it looks like a transistor.

Building the Circuit

The circuit is very simple to build, click the picture below for a bigger image of the breadboard circuit..

Programming the Arduino

The serial_temperature sketch is listed below. Copy the sketch and paste it into the Arduino IDE.

  Program:     serial_temperature

  Description:  Reads the voltage from a MCP9700 temperature
                sensor on pin A0 of the Arduino. Converts the
                voltage to a temperature and sends it out of
                the serial port for display on the serial

  Date:         15 April 2012

  Author:       W.A. Smith,

void setup() {
    // initialize the serial port

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