Arduino Dragon Wings

Arduino Dragon Wings
Hello World!!
I am making this Instructables on how to make arduino controlled dragon wings. XD
I planned on wearing these dressed as Smaug to ‘The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug’ premier but I didn’t complete the entire outfit in time, but I will continue working on it and up date this page when I am done, and then where it to the final installment of The Hobbit!! XD
Arduino Dragon Wings

Step 1: Materials

Structure materials 

1)1/4 bolts x24

2)1/4 washers


4)lock washers

5)Hinges x2

6)wood(of course)

Step 2: Measurments/cutting

I used a handsaw, scroll saw, and a table saw to do all my cutting. All of my cutting I did in my schools woodshop, with a second person in the room. 

I realized I did not put in the length of F and E


Step 3: Putting Together

first! drill thy holes for your bolts! 

then after that follow the graph and put the pieces together.

put a washer between each piece including the bottom before the lock washer. then fit on the nut.

after you got that attach the wings to the hinges the same way.

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