Aqua Garduino Mini @hydroFishAqua82

Aqua Garduino Mini
Arduino Powered Micro Aquaponic System with Pi Camera and Twitter Feed

We are creating an automated aquaponic system with mobile updates via Twitter. Sensors and motors will be controlled from an Arduino while the entire system, including mobile updates, will be orchestrated by a Raspberry Pi. Tweets include pictures, sensor data, and system-critical updates. Original system schematics have changed a little but not much. We only used (2) relays and the LCD was attached to the Arduino, and the pH sensor didn’t make it into the system as of our due date.

Aqua Garduino Mini

Step 1:

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Parts List

First assemble all parts that are needed to create the system. With discounts and using items we already owned or had access to the project cost us ~$260. However, if you purchase all of the parts new and use this links below, you will be looking at a project that costs ~$450.

Step 2: Schematic of System

Schematic of System

Find our code on github!:

Step 3: System Skeleton

Our system is built around a brita filter. The bottom will support the fish, and on top we will put the plants. We built a frame around the filter it to attach lights and wires. The bottom is made out of plywood, and we attached four poles in drill holes in the corners of the 2×4 that come together high above the filter to hang the lights from. In the bottom of the frame we left an open space to use for wire storage so that we have a place for the microcontroller boards and the alike to go.

Step 4: Automatic Fish Feeder

How a step motor works:

The 5V stepper motor (Fish Feeder) has (4) pins wired to a different Arduino pin. Then electromagnets are wired off set: (10,12,11,13) and when they are individually called in the program, which defines how many steps are to be taken, the electromagnets are energized and attract the gears teeth for the amount of steps defined. Our stepper is set to -1500 steps to cause a counter clockwise motion of the plastic auger bit inside the feeder. If the number was positive, it would go clockwise.

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