6WD Shock Absorption Robot for Arduino

6WD Shock Absorption Robot

6WD Shock Absorption Robot

The new design of the 6WD mobile platform, the vehicle uses 2mm aluminum alloy, aluminum spray surface treatment. 6 high-speed DC motor (original 17000 rpm), with 1:34 full metal gear box, so that the car to obtain strong off-road performance.

Shock absorption design is the highlight of the car, the use of 6 damping shock absorber fixedly connected to the body to the car, so that the platform for better roadability, especially for some complex bumpy road.

6WD mobile platforms can be installed with different types of control boards or controllers such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The upper chassis uses a 3mm mounting hole, horizontal 12mm, vertical 14mm pitch can be a wide range of mounting a wide range of sensors, or additional expansion of other functions, such as the installation of a robot. The upper floor reserved Arduino platform, raspberry pie platform installation holes.

Step 1: U-type Bracket Assembled Down Platform

U type Bracket Assembled Down PlatformChassis with double design, U-type bracket mounted on the chassis. Only need to install three, the opening direction to both sides.

Install the remaining 2 brackets in this way, with the retaining hole in the circle position

  • M3x8mm screw X 12
  • M3 nuts X 12

Step 2: Install U-bracket and Motor Bracket

Install U bracket and Motor BracketIf you want to install the tension spring, install the red circle hole in the picture on the right, and then load the U-shaped bracket, first install the tension spring to re-install the bracket; the bearing is installed inside the bracket, the screw is located in the nut.

Screws, nuts and bearings for a single amount, a total of 3 groups.

  • M3x10mm screw X 4 (12)
  • M3 locknut X 4 (12)
  • Flange bearing X 4 (12)

Step 3: Install Six DC Motor

Install Six DC MotorThe motor has a threaded hole in the bracket mounting hole, fixed with screws, please good welding motor line before the installation, the middle short, 2 side long

Couplings installed on the motor shaft, the screws are fixed on the side of the platform, the red circle in the color of the side

  • JGA25-370 high speed motor X 6
  • Coupling X 6
  • M3x6mm screw X 4 (12)

Step 4: Install the Copper Column to the Lower Chassis

Install the Copper Column to the Lower ChassisBefore installing the motor, you need to weld the positive and negative poles of the motor to facilitate the wiring.

  • M3x30mm copper pillars X 8
  • M3x 6mm screw X 8

Step 5: Shock Absorbers on the Assembly to the Chassis and Up and Down the Chassis Together

Shock Absorbers

  • Shock absorber X 6
  • M2.5x16mm screw X 6
  • M2.5 locknut X 6

Fixed the chassis on the copper column,shock fixed onto the motor bracket

  • M2.5x14mm screw X 6
  • M2.5 locknut X 6
  • M3x6mm screw X 8

Step 6: Install the Wheels and Switch to Complete the Installation

Install the Wheels and Switch

  • Switch X 1
  • M3x6mm screw X 8

Step 7: Hardware Parts

Hardware Parts (1)I added a PS2 and a robot to the 6WD robot, but I did not do a good job of using robots to do some things for me because I still lacked eyes. I’ve already purchased the video transmission module and connected it directly to the phone. I now use my PS2 handle to control my 6WD robot to move it back and forth. Of course, it is just a mobile platform, you can add some other sensors to help you achieve some of the features.

Because use high speed motor, so we also need large current drives and Li – Po, choose the limit current 23 a motor driver, this module need two, we will be one sided motor received M + positive, negative answer M – (group 3 motor), so convenient we control our robot.

The main control board chooses Arduino UNO R3, and if you need more interfaces, you can use Mega 2560 or Raspberry Pi.

If you want to control the robotic arm, you can use the steering gear controller to control it through the UNO serial port;Of course you need a 6v power supply for your steering gear.You can add the robotic arm program to the PS2 and control with the handle to grab what you want.


  • Working voltage: 5.9-30V
  • Working current: 23A
  • Logical input: 1.8v, 3.3v, 5V (Max)
  • PWM frequency: 100kHz

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