Multi Input
Multi Output
Leave Input at the bottom board to support the board and balance the board
Wide Rage output 1.25V-24V
Use DC-DC switch convert (Buck and Boost) to ensure the power efficient.


Design Progress:

I designed several versions to make it better. And tried different component to suit the output voltage.

Block Diagram:


For the cable position, the first version is not balanced.

Progress overview:

Multi Input:

4-type input:

Micro USB、 Mini USB、DC3.5 and DC5.5.

At the same time, only need one of them.  And every input is isolated by Schottky diode. They protect your input device perfectly from 2+ input at the same time by mistake(Do not recommend 2+ inputs at the same time).

Micro USB in :5V

Mini USB in:5V

DC3.5 in:5-28V

DC5.5 in:5-28V


Power Switch: Main control(Wide range & Adjustable(1.25V-24V)).

Press Switch:1-Fixed 3.3V,2-Way Adjustable(1-5V).


ADJ: Wide range & Adjustable (1.25-24V).

ADJ1: Adjustable (1-5V).

ADJ2: Adjustable (1-5V) .

Multi Output:

1-Fixed 3.3V

2-Way Adjustable(1-5V) output

1-Way Wide range & Adjustable(1.25V-24V)(Marked as 6-24V)*.


The wide range output is the source of Adj1, Adj2 and Fixed 3.3V. If the voltage is lower than 6V, the Adj1, Adj2 and Fixed 3.3V will not working properly. Recommend only use the wide range output 6V-24V to ensure Adj1, Adj2 and Fixed 3.3V working properly.

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