XPlotter, The All-In-One Plotter, Engraver and Laser Cutter

X Plotter is an affordable and easy to use desktop plotter, Laser cutter and engraver. It is designed to create a new definition of plotter. By integrating the laser engraver and cutter into the mechanism, it becomes a versatile desktop tool for artists, craftsmen and makers to set their imagination free.
The all-in-one machine can simulate real effects of handmade drawing and writing, can cut out and laser engrave on different materials. In addition, it has the capability to pick and place objects perfectly!
This machine is now live on Kick starter, check out the video campaign to see X Plotter in action:
The writing of X Plotter is outstandingly similar to the real hand writing thanks to the angle of writing and the programmed process.
XPlotter, The All-In-One Plotter, Engraver and Laser Cutter
Now you can do your paperwork or write your homework as neat as possible. Also you have the option to choose from a variety of fonts and pens! Drawing outputs also look so real because of demonstrating shadows and tiny tiny details.
A wide range of materials like paper, leather, fabric, cloth, and cardboard are able to be engraved by the laser engraver feature of X Plotter. Short time is needed to engrave your artworks due to the powerful laser equipped with the machine. Safety goggles are included too for making sure that users cope with laser safely.
This personal robot that is dedicated to write, draw and engrave for you has no limits. X Plotter team made a built-in vacuum pump system to enable X Plotter to pick and place at a high speed and features a precision within 0.012mm. It only takes you a few minutes to change the end effector into a vacuum suction cup, which is powerful enough to grab spherical items.
Amazingly, the team behind X Plotter has open-sourced the operation interface to welcome more applications made by users through the secondary development.
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