"Wireless" measuring is always safer …

Clamp multi meters are not only practical, but also highly safe at measuring a current. One of them is also the compact Volt craft VC-521.
Clamp multi meter can be marked as an “old known thing”. AT the same it can be said, that this widely spread type of measuring devices is still more compact and new models are usually able to measure all basic parameters.
From this point of view, the VC-521 can replace a common multi meter, as it´s able to measure voltage, current by means of jaws (even the DC!), frequency, duty cycle, capacity (already from nF), resistance, temperature, diodes and continuity. A useful additional feature is also a non-contact detection of AC voltage (100-600V). User comfort is also increased by functions HOLD and REL. The REL function can serve for a classic measuring but also to null the offset at measuring of DC currents caused by a residual magnetism in the jaws – this can temporarily appear after measuring of high DC currents or also by influence of external magnetic field (magnet, loudspeaker,…).
Plastic lug on one of the jaws is in fact a sensor for non-contact AC voltage detection. This lug also enables easier “separation” of a desired wire from other wires – for example at measuring in a distribution box. Maximum reading is 3999, what´s naturally better than classic „1999″.
Wireless measuring is always safer …
Basic specs of VC-521 can be found in the attached table and details will provide you the VC-521 user guide. Upon order there´s also available the callibrated version of VC-521.
In case of interest in any Volt craft product, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Advantages / Features:

  • compact jaw multi meter with auto range selection
  • AC/DC current measurement, 10mA resolution
  • AC/DC voltage, 0.1 mV resolution
  • measurement of resistance, capacity, frequency, duty cycle and temperature
  • contactless AC voltage detection (NCV)
  • max. reading 3999
  • high safety, CAT III/6000V

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