Website is Down Detector

If you work in a company that has a website, you know how important it is that the website always be up and running. That’s why you constantly see “99.99999% reliability!” all over the fancy server hosting sites. A website can’t make money if the system is down, so knowing when that happens and reacting quickly is super important. In this Instruct able, we will use the Link IT ONE board to make an alert system that will play a loud alert siren and send us a text message. This way no matter where we are, we can respond as fast as possible!

Step 1: Supplies

Since we’re harnessing a lot of the built-in power of the Link IT ONE, we don’t need that many external supplies here. You can focus your gathering energy on a quality speaker to play our alarm through!

  • Link IT ONE
  • Speaker (headphones for testing is cool)
  • SIM Card (Pre-paid for deployment, borrow a friend’s for testing)
  • An Alarm MP3 File
  • A Website to check on!

Website is Down Detector

Step 2: Configure your Link It ONE Board

We’ll need to modify some of the switches on the Link It One board in order to make it work. Along with the image attached, make sure that you have done the following
1. Set the MS — UART switch to UART (You’ll switch it to MS in a later step temporarily, but not for deployment)
2. Set the USB — BAT switch to USB
3. Set the SPI — SD switch to SPI

Step 3: Connect your GSM and Wi-Fi Antenna

Now, you’ll need to make sure and connect both your Wi-Fi and GSM antenna’s to your Link IT ONE board. Both of these Antenna’s should have come with your Link IT ONE kit. Attaching them is pretty self-explanatory: Connect the Wi-Fi Antenna do the socket labeled ‘Wi-Fi‘ and your GSM Antenna (Which allows you to send text messages) to the socket labeled ‘GSM

Step 4: Insert Your SIM Card

I know that most people probably don’t have a pre-paid SIM card laying around. If you are just prototyping and want to see a proof of concept, feel free to remove it from your current cell phone (or one of your friends) just to try it out. If you get serious and want to make this a full-time gig, you will have to pony up for a pre-paid SIM.
Inserting the SIM card is a fairly straight forward process. Flip over your Link It One and look at the smaller big metal piece. You can see in the figure where I inserted my SIM card if you are confused.
After you have inserted the SIM card, be sure to attach your GSM antenna that came with your Link It One kit. This will allow you to get a cell signal.
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