Wearable LED heart simulator pendant

This wearable LED heart simulator pendant was inspired by my work as a cardiovascular surgical nurse as well as my love of electronics.  It simulates the electrical activity of 17 different rhythms and when paired with the heart backplane, it becomes an audio and pulse simulator as well.
It is not so much a kit as it is highly over-engineered LEDs, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!  The program will be loaded onto the eeprom for you, but you are more than welcome to use a prop plug, provided by Parallax, Inc., to reprogram the Propeller chip with whatever program you would like!

If I want to do something else with this board, what do I need to know?
Note that VSS (GND) is on the left.  A header is provided should you choose to solder it in – but is unnecessary for programming, you can just stick the header in the prop plug, temporarily place it in the header holes and program it that way.
The switch is on pin 5. SA Node is on pin 6. AV node is on pin 7. Left Bundle Branch is on pins 19-23. Right Bundle Branch is on pins 8-13.
There is also a hole on the top right of the board – that is not connected to any part of the circuit and is useful for putting any chain or pin through it for wear ability!
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