Wago 2060 terminal blocks don´t overtop LEDs

With a height of only 4.5 mm are new terminal blocks able to connect LED modules and LED panels aesthetically and with a maximal reliability.
There are numerous SMT connectors on the market, which are suitable for usage on LED panels but even in other applications. That´s why it´s a logic question – why just Wago 2060? Firstly it is because of a sophisticated construction of a terminal block with a globally known and million times proven screw less spring clamp Cage Clamps. This clamp has an optimum pressure on a wire ideally responding to a wire diameter, i.e. the thicker wire, the bigger pressure.
Also thanks to this is the max. allowed current up to 9A (!). Further, it´s possible to install solid and ferruled wires even without tools. By a simple pressing to a terminal block (for example by a screwdriver), it´s possible to insert even fine stranded flexible leads and by similar way also to disengage. Features of a clamp don´t get worse neither after multiple disengaging of a connection and they remain stable even after a long period of operation.
From other positives it´s necessary to mention a “balcony” construction of an input portion, which makes installation of wires easier and faster. Sufficiently big flat area ensures a reliable application on assembly machines (pick-n-place). And finally – an aesthetic curved shape and a white/cream color cause, that connectors are inconspicuous and they don´t disturb on a PCB.
Wago 2060 terminal blocks don´t overtop LEDs
Terminal blocks are available in 1,2 and 3-pole version. You needn´t be in doubt that you missed development and you still don´t know a circuit operating on 1 pole 🙂 – naturally the single-pole version is intended for connecting of several modules into series. A big plus is also availability of interconnecting both-sided pins enabling easy and aesthetic creation of a row (string) of several modules.
Pin spacing is 4mm and there´s also available a version with 8mm pin spacing with operating voltage of up to 600V. Connector casing is made of an advanced material (glass fibre reinforced PPA) with a very wide range of operating temperatures.
Novelty is also a newer version – Wago 2061 with up to 12A max. current. Detailed information will provide you the Wago 2060 brochure.

Advantages / Features:

  • universal SMT terminal blocks suitable mainly for LED applications
  • low height of only 4.5mm
  • well-proven screw less cage system – „Cage Clamps“
  • for 0.20-0.75mm2 wires, resp. 0,75-1,5mm2 (Wago 2061)
  • max. current up to 9/ 12A
  • 4 or 8 mm pin spacing

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