UT513 – set up a timer, apply 5000V, measure, transfer to PC …

Isolation resistance tester UT513 with a USB connectivity is a professional device able to check a quality of an insulation of installations, transformers, components, …
Revision technicians are usually the ones, who need to measure an isolation resistance, but such a device also finds its place in bigger factories and buildings, where it is convenient to to have a possibility to periodically (often) measure a status of isolation of for example transformers, motors, leads, etc.
UT513 from company UNI-Trend belongs to a category of professional devices with wide possibilities of setting, while it still remains a simplicity of use and an intuitive control. UT513 belongs to a three-member family of UT51x devices, consisting of UT511, UT512 a UT513. Devices differ from each other mainly in the max. voltage for an isolation resistance measurement (1000, 2500, 5000V) and UT512/513 also feature a USB interface for a data transfer to PC (including a CD with a software).
UT513 – set up a timer, apply 5000V, measure, transfer to PC …
UT513 is able to store to its memory up to 18 measurements. Isolation resistance can be also measured with a timer (10 seconds to 15 minutes) and the built-in timer enables to measure even a polarization index by “one click”. Polarisation index is maybe more known from optics, but don´t be misleader :-), in electronics the polarization index (PI) is a very worth value responding to a status of an insulation. PI has to be usually in arrange of 2 to 5, i.e. isolation resistance of tested device after 10 minutes (connected to a testing high DC voltage) has to be 2 to 5-times higher than at measurement after the first minute (the reason is a polarization of molecules in insulation).
Function „Compare“ enables to compare measured value of an isolation resistance with a pre-set value (user-definable) and then the display reads „GOOD“ or „NG“ as – „not good“. Maximum display (with a backlight) value is up to 9999 and here we can also see an analogue bar graph. As we are already used to at Uni-Trend equipment, the testing leads are relatively very quality and robust, and also included are batteries and a mains adapter. Detailed information will provide you the UT513 user manual.

 Advantages / Features:

  • professional tester of isolation resistance and a polarization index
  • up to 5000VDC testing voltage
  • max display reading 9999 + bargraf
  • timer for measurement control
  • memory for 18 measurements

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