Typewriter Turned into Plotter using Arduino

In this post, we will briefly discuss how a Typewriter-Turned-Plotter:

Typewriter Turned into Plotter using Arduino

A very cheap and heavily used simple Smith Corona typewriter was found and he decided that this was going to be the base of the building because that’s all it needed.

1: Choose a Typewriter

Any electronic typewriter will do, I chose a Smith Corona with stepper motors for paper feed, carriage, and daisywheel movement. I first opened an old Olivetti and found DC motors and optical encoders. Because I am running GRBL on Arduino, I needed steppers. There may be CNC software that allows the use of DC motors but I do not know of any.

Step 2: Typewriter Carriage Resolution

When all done, I realize that the car doesn’t have that much resolution for good drawing. This method was developed to move in large steps, that is, while typing. I almost gave up because I had no idea how to solve this problem.
Then I found out that a small ton can reduce the stopper which I have reduced the gear reduced with an old scanner. The tin steppers on my typewriter are 7.5 degrees, per 48 flows, which is not enough for a smooth drawing.
However, the paper feed did not require any mode, it ran very smoothly.

Step 3: Tools Required Software and Hardware

  • Arduino UNO running standard GRBL
  • CNC shield with A4988 motor drivers.
  • 12V power supply
  • Universal G-code Sender (UGS) Platform running on a PC.
  • limit switches for safety and to be able to home the machine.
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