Try the effective replacement for standard 78xx regulators

1A DC/DC switch-mode regulators TRACO TSR-1 already found their stable place on the market and they successfully replace inefficient linear regulators.
Switch-mode power supplies are still more used in all segments of power supply, to which also belongs a regulation on the side of the load (Point Of Load – POL). Perhaps every designer is familiar with classic linear stabilizers of the 78xx or 79xx series. It can be said, that linear stabilizers are still suitable for applications, where there´s not a too high power loss arising on them. But when we need to gain for example a 5V/0,5A from 12V, a power loss of approx. 7V x 0,5A=3,5W is arising on the regulator. That is already a quite considerable power, which requires a sufficiently sized heatsink and a place on a PCB. At nowadays power consumption decreasing trend, it is better preferable to eliminate useless losses, what also enables to produce a device, which is less heating, thus also being usually more reliable.
TSR-1 from company TRACOPOWER represents a pin-compatible replacement for 78xx linear regulators and it also contains input and output filtering capacitors. TSR-1 reaches up to 96% efficiency (80-90% in average) thus not requiring a heat sink.
Try the effective replacement for standard 78xx regulators
Depending on local conditions in your device, it is only necessary to observe power derating of 2%/°C at temperatures of the regulator above 60°C (if such conditions can occur in your device). TSR-1 also provides further benefits like for example excellent line and load regulation, resistance to a continuous shortcut and an industrial range of operating temperatures.
Available are 10 versions with output voltages from 1,2 to 15VDC. Detailed information will provide you the TSR-1 datasheet. In case, you need to obtain a negative voltage, then the TSRN-1 series is suitable for you.
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