TMH 0515 – when one voltage is equal to two

If you need an isolated power supply for some part of your device, Traco TMH series DC/DC converters will create this second voltage to you.
Imagine, that in the whole device we only have 5 Volts but for one integrated we need a higher voltage. Or we even have a suitable voltage, but for a protection of input voltages, suppression of disturbances etc. we need an isolated power supply for a given part of our device …
For such cases we keep in our standard stock offer many isolating DC/DC converters from company Traco Electronic, but we´d like to introduce to you miniature “retiring” 2W DC/DC converters of the TMH series with an excellent price/ performance ratio. It can be said, that the TMH series represents a golden middle way as for specification, efficiency, dimensions and price. Reliable regulation within 10% at 20-100% load, miniature SIP package and a wide temperature range of -40 to +85°C suit to the most of applications. Available are versions with a single (S) but also dual (D) output voltage.
TMH 0515 – when one voltage is equal to twoTMH series is very useful in places, where it is necessary to use isolated power supply, but in regards to its affordable price and miniature dimensions is the TMH series suitable even in places, where an isolated power supply is not inevitably necessary but it can help to increase immunity to disturbances, ground loops and other unexpected influences, which can occur. A big advantage of the TMH series is the 100% 8h burn-in. A novelty in our stock is the type TMH0515S 5VDC/15VDC.
Advantages / Features:

  • ultra miniature isolated DC/DC converters
  • versions with single and dual output voltages
  • standard single-in-line (SIP) package
  • 1000V input/ output isolation
  • up to 83% efficiency
  • temperature range -40 to +85°C
  • 100% 8h burn-in
  • MTBF >2 000 000 hrs

Detailed information can be found in the TMH datasheet.

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