The Free Arduino Shield Webinar

The Arduino Shield Webinar teaches you to create your own self-made Arduino Shields in no time! Free of charge!

This webinar is for those of you who..

  • have great ideas that you want to get out of your head and into the physical world
  • have learned the basics of Arduino and want to take your skills to the next level
  • knows little or lots of theory, but lacks the practical experience of building real circuits
  • dreams about impressing your friends with that awesome circuit you have been thinking about for soooo long

…you can simply copy the methods I teach in this free webinar and create whatever Arduino Shield you want.
The Free Arduino Shield WebinarIn this free webinar you will learn practical skills that lets you…

  • design an Arduino Shield from any schematic diagram you get your hands on
  • make any circuit you want
  • impress your friends with your cool Arduino Shield
  • use the same principles to make add-on boards for Raspberry Pi, Beagle bone or the next big thing
  • go from talking about what would have been cool, to be a person¬†who actually makes cool stuff!
  • build the stuff you read about
  • make stuff that help you in your daily life
  • automate your home
  • inspire kids in your community
  • teach your hacker space members to make cool stuff
  • take on new tasks in your current job
  • find your dream job
  • create both simple and complex circuits
  • create stable circuit boards
  • create a complex board without the nightmare of rats nest wires all over
  • see new opportunities
  • make cool stuff you can blog about
  • make real Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) on the cheap
  • make professionally manufactured Printed Circuit Boards

For more detail: The Free Arduino Shield Webinar

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