The Arno Shield

What is the Arno Shield?

It’s a follow up to the Arno board for those that prefer to work with a shield.  When you’ve completed all the projects that are in the included book, you can pop the shield off your Arduino compatible board and start building your project.
It’s also a great way to test out your project ideas without setting up a breadboard.  Sometimes you just need an LED or two and a button to interact with your sketch. Plug in the Arno Shield and you’re ready to go.
The Arno ShieldThe Arno Shield can be used for all the same sketches that are included in “Learn Arduino with the Arno”

You get the same list of components to learn with:

  • Four green LEDs
  • One RGB LED
  • One infrared LED
  • Two momentary pushbutton switches for digital inputs
  • One thumbwheel potentiometer to introduce analog measurements and controls
  • One piezo element to create tones and measure vibrations
  • One phototransistor to detect infrared and visible light 
  • An I2C digital temperature sensor to introduce between-device digital communication

For more detail: The Arno Shield

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