TeenLogger, a Teensy GPS Logger

The goal
In the past two years, i have released two version of GPS logger, with a lot of default like, poor autonomy, need to take off the SD card to get the log, no function to upgrade the code easily, by the way, I have redesigned a new version with a lot of news feature, see bellow.
TeenLogger, a Teensy GPS Logger
– Better autonomy.
– Be lightweight and portable.
– Be rechargeable easily.
– Got log directly from USB.
– Upgrade code via IDE Arduino through USB.
– Future options implemented for improvement.
– Many more …
µC Section
The hardware run around a Teensy 2 this very small board run with a ATMEGA32U4 8bit AVR 16 MHz Processor, 25 I/O.
GPS Section
The GPS NMEA sentences comes from a PA6B module, i choose this because he is very sensitive and small, better than EM406. The MTK Command Packet can be found here.

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