SunDuino – Run your C application using solar power

Sun Dui no is a Single Board Computer with integrated Battery Charger, Voltage Regulators, I2C, Digital and Analog IO. It’s main benefit is that it can run a compiled C app for years on a small battery or forever using built in solar charger. A background RTOS provides SLEEP functions for reducing operating current to 100ua while providing 125ms periodic wakeups. Sun dui no comes in 25W and 10W versions to better suit your application. Take a look at the manual and Datasheet. Also the schematic and PCB layout is available for free.

Key benefits of Sun Dui no:

  1. Battery charging logic is optimized for long battery life using temperature monitor. The Sun Dui no is a software defined charger, it supports many battery chemistries and sizes.
  2. Low current operation provides long battery life and runtime. An internal RTOS keeps battery monitoring, power event monitoring, user C Application and SLEEP mode all operating on a 100ua drain. Small batteries can run for years.

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