Smallest Arduino Compatible Board

The BareDuino Nano is the world’s smallest Arduino compatible board. It was designed by a very young maker, Niek Blankers, aged 15, from the Netherlands.
Niek has been interested in electronics since he was less than 8 years old. A couple of years ago when he was given the first Arduino board, he fell in love with it immediately. Since he was on a student budget, he couldn’t afford to leave an actual Arduino into his projects, so he designed the low-budget, bare-bones Arduino, aka Bare Dui no, which he made some videos of:
After completing the Bare Dui no Classic, he set himself the challenge to make it smaller. Needless to say he succeeded. His latest board, the Bare Dui no Nano contains everything needed to get started and allows for easy prototyping.
Smallest Arduino Compatible Board
Looking forward to seeing the Bare Dui no Nano serve your cool projects! Enjoy making!

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