Small graphic OLED displays for great prices

Even your device can be more user friendly thanks to various pictograms displayed on Win star WEG series displays with a great contrast and viewing angle. 
100×16 pixels at series Win star WEG010016 isn´t that much at the first sight. But when we realize, that such display represents a sort of a “replacement” or “upgrade” of a character display (2×16-20 chars.), we´ll find, that it has wide possibilities of usage and it´s able to display much more than a character one.
Naturally, even a character display is able to display pictograms, but they´re limited by a given row or a matrix creating a given character. On the other hand, at a graphic display the whole area is available and naturally – it´s still able to display characters too.
Similarly like WEH series character displays, even the WEG series supports 4/8-bit interface „6800“/“8080“ and they have a built-in universal controller WS0010.
When we add advantages of OLED displays and attractive price, we have in hands interesting, universally usable display.
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Small graphic OLED displays for great prices

Advantages/ Features:

  1. graphic OLED displays 100×16 pixels
  2. excellent contrast ratio and viewing angles
  3. universal controller WS0010
  4. attractive price

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