SL500F – a „full-featured“ RFID device

RFID reader / writer SL500F gladly communicates with any 13,56MHz RFID card.
For a concrete application we usually need only one type of an RFID communication. For the sophisticated devices or for devices intended for configuration of various RFID cards, a reader handling all common protocols can be very convenient.
SL500F – a „full-featured“ RFID deviceSL500F, a novelty in our offer, handles ISO ISO14443A, ISO14443B as well as ISO15693, what practically means a support of all common RFID systems working on the frequency of 13,56 MHz. Similarly like SL500A, which we introduced to you in our article – „Plug´n´play“ desktop RFID modules with a USB interface, also for the SL500F there´s a free-to-download software including a DLL library and examples. Detailed description can be found in the SL500 datasheet.In case of interest, please contact us at

 Advantages / Features:

  • ready-made RFID solution with an USB interface
  • universal device for 13,56 MHz systems
  • supports ISO 14443A, ISO14443B and ISO15693
  • software and examples included
  • easy application
  • very affordable price

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