Simple 3D gerber viewer

Over the course of the last 5 months I developped an application to visualize Gerber data. The goal was primarily to review Gerber files before sending them to a PCB fabrication house. It is very similar to the Mayhew Labs online Gerber viewer, except it’s offline (and has a few different features).
My tool is program for Windows (32bits or 64bits) that use OpenGL for visualization (you will need a decent/recent video card). You can simply drag and drop Gerber files on it, or use the command line to configure it more deeply. I set up a page explaining most of that and giving download links :
I wrote the tool primarily for my own usage. In particular I wanted to visualize milling data to validate my PCB penalization scripts (which are still work in progress). However it may be useful to other people so I took some time to package it. Everything is open source, steal whatever you want for your own projects.
Simple 3D gerber viewer
Please feel free to report bugs and request new features, I’m eager to improve that tool if that can help the community. Note that there is a high chance that the tool cannot display anything on your hardware, but it should report an error and I’d be very grateful if you would report it to me.
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