Scrolling Text Display (A to Z Guide) Using Arduino

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In this instructable / video I will guide you with step by step instructions how to make scrolling text display with Arduino.
I won’t be explaining how to make code for Arduino, I will show you how to use existing code. What and where you need to connect and install that you could make scrolling text display like this without any previous knowledge of Arduino.

Arduino software –

Code and library – 

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Tools You’ll Need:

Materials You’ll Need:

You can follow me:

Step 1: PreviewPreview (1)













Preview of the mini scrolling text display.

Step 2: Cutting PlywoodCutting Plywood (1)













To make a simple box first I cut sides, top and bottom from 6mm plywood. Add painters or electrical tape to prevent any chipping.

Step 3: New Jig

New Jig (1)












If you wondering, this is my new jig for bevel cuts for my jigsaw table. It’s very simple jig, but very useful.

Clamped stop block helps to cut pieces at the same size.

Step 4: Gluing

Gluing (1)












Connect all sides with painters tape and glue them.

Step 5: Cutting Front and Back

Cutting Front and Back (1)












Then I cut front and back pieces. In front piece I drilled hole and made hole for LED displays with a fretsaw.

To get straight looking cuts I trimmed inside with a jigsaw.

Step 6: Making Slot for the ChipsMaking Slot for the Chips (1)













I routed slots for chips of the LED display, as I wanted that display would be flush with outside of the front piece.

Step 7: Components That You NeedComponents













For this build you need (links in first page):

  • Arduino Nano
  • 2x 8×8 LED displays
  • Voltage booster
  • Protected 18650 battery
  • Battery holder
  • On/Off switch

Before soldering Voltage booster to the circuit make sure to adjust it’s output voltage to 5V with potentiometer on the chip.

Step 8: Before SolderingBefore Soldering (1)













Download and install Arduino software –

If you get prompt messages like in a picture just agree and install.

Step 9: Download Additional Files

That code would work you need extra libraries for the Arduino. Download here

Unzip it and copy “MaxMatrix” folder to Arduino’s “libraries” folder and you are good to go.

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