Programming the LPC810M021FN8

A tiny 32 bit Cortex M0+

The LPC810M021FN8 is a very interesting MCU in a 8 pin DIP package, designed to replace its 8 bit counterparts, ideal for hobbyist breadboard or through-hole printed circuit board (PCB).
Being such a small and limited MCU, it has met a mixed reception since its announcement by NXP.
Some argue that 8 bit processors are still up to the job making this one redundant or simply not attractive, preferring the similarly priced and already extensively used alternatives.
Programming the LPC810M021FN8For others the novelty of having a 32 bit MCU on such a tiny and easy to use DIP package is enough to have their attention.
The LPC810M021FN8 is part of the Cortex-M0+ family, the most energy efficient ARM processors available.
While only a few pins exist on the LPC810M021FN8 a configurable matrix makes its 2x USART, 1x I2C and 1x SPI available to six of its eight pins.
Memory is limited to 4KB flash and 1KB SRAM.
Clock speeds up to 30 MHz can be used and an internal oscillator is included, reducing to a near zero the need for external components.

Circuit for In-System Programming

In this example we will be using an inexpensive UART/USB adapter and Flash magic to upload the binary to the MCU.
The needed circuit is very simple because, as stated before, the LPC810M021FN doesn’t need any additional components to work.
Pin 5 works as a switch turning on In-System Programming (ISP) when connected to GND.

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