pcDuino – 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 Dev Board with 1GB memory

Description: As the field of embedded electronics gets more advanced, hobbyists and professionals are both in need of smaller and more powerful computers. We’ve been looking for awhile and now we’ve found one that we really like, not only because it’s small and fast but because it’s also Arduino shield compatible! The pc Dui no is a high performance, cost effective mini PC platform that runs full-featured operating systems such as Ubuntu and Android ICS.
It’s easy to hook up, just connect 5V power and a keyboard and mouse. The pc Dui no outputs video to any HDMI enabled TV or monitor via the built in HDMI interface. It was specifically designed to make it easy for the open source community to develop computationally demanding projects using the vast, existing catalog of Arduino Shields.
pcDuino-–-1GHz-ARM-Cortex-A8-Dev-Board-with-1GB-memoryAn API has been developed for the pc Dui no that allows the user to access all of the functions that you would expect using simple Arduino-style language.

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