panStamp developing MSP430 based module

pan Stamp was one year old in June but we forgot to prepare a decent celebration… To be honest, we were thoroughly working on our new line of wireless modules so we preferred to postpone the party. OK but, what do we have up our sleeves? It’s not a secret, we were creating a new pan Stamp with all the benefits of the current
panStamp developing MSP430 based module
line plus a set of new features which will make our modules and boards even more competitive and suitable for the professional market. The following is a picture of one of our new prototypes:
The new modules are entirely based on a CC430F5137 SOC (made by Texas Instruments). This means that microcontroller and radio front-end are now integrated into a single IC capable to provide a nice list of characteristics:

  • 16-bit Microcontroller with 32¬†KB of Flash and 4 KB of SRAM.
  • On-board 2 KB EEPROM (I2C).
  • CC11XX compatible 868/915 MHz radio.
  • Clock speed from 12 MHz up to 24 MHz, depending on configuration and targeted consumption.
  • Six 12-bit Analog-to-Digital converters.
  • Digital functions (PWM, UART, I2C, SPI) can be connected to any physical I/O pin.

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