Open Source Microchip LED / PWM Driver Project

This instruct able fully describes building a PWM driver to control four LEDs from one small Microchip 12F609 board. The original design was called the “Kemper LED Lamp” and I sold a few lamps to several brave folks through my web site. However, I’ve come to discover selling small quantities to a few folks is a major pain in the backside. Hand soldering these together and then selling them at $4 bucks each is no way to make money.
So, I’m going Open Source baby. I’m hoping that more people can enjoy these wonderful little lamp drivers. I’ve put in way too much work for these little gems to sit idle on the shelf and not get used.
With the information I’m providing here, you should be able to program your own Microchip 12F609 micro, connect a couple LEDs, and have your PC command some LED action.
Open Source Microchip LED PWM Driver Project
Those two links have a bunch of information that cover the lamp design in detail. There are even a couple video demos in those instruct able that, I think at least, are cool too.
Note, if anything new comes up you can always check my web site at:
The hardware is painfully simple. The micro drives four outputs and receives / sends commands on the fifth. Couldn’t get much simpler.
Eventually, I ended up with a board design that is 20mm x 15mm. To keep the cost down I used CAM tactic to array the lamp boards onto a larger board. I arrayed the lamp boards using a grid of 8 x 8 with a 0.055″ gutter between each lamp. The gutter makes it easy to cut the lamps apart with my cheap-o band saw.

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