OBDCAN Shield for Arduino


The Arduino OBDCAN Shield connects Arduino board to CAN OBD-II compliant car, light truck, or motorcycle.

  • ISO15765-4 (CAN)  protocol
  • Arduino R3 form factor
  • Stacking headers for expansion and connection to LCD
  • Joystick control for menu navigation
  • Provides operating voltage for the Arduino board from OBD connector
  • Serial port operating voltage either 3.3V or 5V, driven by IOREF pin
  • Standard DB-9 sub connector for use with OBD-II cable.


The Arduino OBDCAN Shield is an OBD to UART interpreter hiding all the complexity of OBD protocol and exposing it as a simple request/reply interface with the help of OBDCAN library. The shield reference schematic is shown here. Using this shield is ideal for OBD data logger or scanner application. The shield is communicating with Arduino board using serial Com1 port on pins 0 and 1. Arduino Mega and Due boards have additional Com ports, it is possible to connect shield to those ports using additional connector/jumpers on the board.

On board interfaces

Male DB-9 connects to vehicle OBD-II port. Jumpers JP1 are for connecting shield to Com1 port, which is the only option for Arduino Uno board. To connect Arduino Mega and Due, remove the jumpers and use side Tx/Rx connector.
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