A New Era of 3D Printing With Cel Robox’s Root, Mote and Tree!

C Enterprise Ltd., the company behind the amazing 3D printer Cel Ro box is now back on stage with some new upgrades and plug-ins: Root, Mote and Tree! Imagine that you will be able to control your 3D printer missions remotely where you can also control not only one printer, but multiple of them!
Rob ox is not another 3D printer, the 20-micron accuracy printer is a micro-manufacturing platform. The precise positioning of the 3 axis system along with the mechanical and electronic design of the Head Lock system provides a robust framework on which to build a range of manipulators and scanning devices to allow this robot in a box to do much more than just create beautiful 3D prints.
Key features of Ro box is on this slideshow. You can check the full specifications here.
If you already have a Ro box so don’t worry, you are not left behind. Ro box team thinks that it won’t be a good choice to build above the already functional 3D printer in order to increase its capabilities. What they are doing right now is updating peripherals which are standalone and won’t disrupt the quality of the original printer. For example, an original Ro box can be upgraded to become a Ro box Dual using DIY upgrade kits or vendor provided services.

Increasing the size of printing by making a bigger size Rob ox was a suggestion for them, but what they were thinking about was different. Making a bigger Ro box may risk some features already guaranteed in the original one, so why not make a way that you can function multiple Ro box editions at the same time in an amazing architecture that saves space and time? Here comes Tree: a bespoke furniture system that utilizes the compact nature of the Ro box micro-manufacturing platform to increase productivity. It is a precision CNC machined from high quality birch plywood with a choice of two different finishes, and is supplied as an easy-to-assemble ‘flat-pack’ solution. Using familiar fasteners, Tree can be assembled by anyone in under 30 minutes with just an Allen key and screwdriver. It is a nice addition to your fab lab, coworking space or even your office!
To control this Tree, a new plugin from Ro box is also introduced: Root! Ro box Root is a connectivity
extension platform for all Ro box printers. Its core function is to add network capabilities to multiple Ro box from a single Root, with secondary functions to include a web interface and printer sharing across a network. It is perfectly suited for use in offices, schools or other professions where multiple users need easy access to a single or multiple printers. The onboard HDMI port also allows you to connect Root to any external display or touchscreen, including its companion, Ro box Mote.
Ro box Mote is custom designed controller for Root. Using a 5” touch screen connected directly to Root, you can see the status of any connected machines and also control them directly. This allows you to control and execute prints without a connected PC from pre-sliced G Code on SD card or USB flash drive. Using Mote is an option, you can use any smartphone, tablet, or a computer using Auto Maker – Ro box outstanding software.
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