Minimalist AVR programmer

I always like a challenge, so when I saw [simpleavr]s vusbtiny programmer, I started to wonder how small I could make an AVR programmer. All in all I’m pretty pleased with the result.
The schematic is almost the same as the original one. I only added a LED an resistor to indicate a proper power supply.
Since I wanted to try a simple USB connector made only with some bare pads on the PCB, I also added an additional Mini USB socket just to have at least one working connection.
Minimalist AVR programmer
Except for the programming header I used only SMD components, mostly 0805 sized. The board itself is 12mm x 28 mm, the width was dictated by the size of the USB connector.
The boards were made by Seeed Studios Fusion service and came out great. The bare USB connector works reasonably well, if you add some material to the back of the PCB. Some electrical tape works well, hot glue might also be a good choice.

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