MicroGame – Custom Arduino Compatible Gamming Platform

The Micro Game is an experiment of making a custom portable platform for gamming compatible with Arduino. It’s based on a small monochrome 128×64 pixels OLED from Ad fruit and a ATmega32U40 8-bits microcontroller running at 8MHz. All hardware design and game source code is writed from scratch and you can find all the file sin this repository if you want to build your own. You can modify, share and make improvements as you like but do not forget to shoot me and email and show me your work!
First blog post: http://blog.bricogeek.com/noticias/electronica/microgame-consola-de-juego-casera-basada-en-arduino/
Final project post: http://blog.bricogeek.com/noticias/arduino/microgame-consola-de-juego-compatible-con-arduino-proyecto-final/
Oscar Gonzalez August 2014 – January 2015 www.bricogeek.com
MicroGame – Custom Arduino Compatible Gamming Platform

Repository Contents

  • /USB driverUSB driver (tested on Win 7 64-bits). Identifies as Spark fun Pro Micro 3.3V @ 8MHz
  • /datasheet – Various datasheets for reference
  • /eagle files – Eagle design files of the board (schematic and PCB)
  • /src – Source files for the game for at least Arduino IDE 1.0

License Information

The hardware is released under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0.
All other code is open source so please feel free to do anything you want with it; you buy me a beer if you use this and we meet someday (Beer ware license).

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