LTC3815 – 6A Monolithic Synchronous DC/DC Step-Down Converter


  • 2.25V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
  • ±1% Total Output Voltage Accuracy Over Temperature at VIN = 3.3V or 5V
  • Single Resistor-Programmable Output Voltage
  • PM Bus Compliant Serial Interface:
    Programmable Output Voltage Margining: Up to ±25% VOUT Range with 0.1% Resolution
    Read back of Average and Peak Temperature, Current, and Voltage (25Hz Refresh Rate)
    Fault Status
  • Phase-Lockable Fixed Frequency Up to 3MHz
  • Less Than 1ms Power-Up Time
  • Integrated 13-Bit ADC
  • Optional External Reference Input
  • Pin Selectable Fast-Margining of the Output Voltage
  • Power Good Flag with Pin Programmable Thresholds and Filter Delay
  • Differential Remote Output Voltage Sensing
  • Master Shutdown Mode: <1μA Supply Current
  • Clock Out for 2-Phase Operation (12A Output Current)
  • Available in a Thermally-Enhanced 38-Lead 4mm × 6mm QFN Package
  • Download LT power Play Software


The LTC®3815 is a high efficiency, 6A monolithic synchronous buck regulator using a phase lockable controlled on-time, current mode architecture. The output voltage is programmable from 0.4V to 72% of VIN with a single external resistor or an external voltage reference through the reference input (REF) pin. The output voltage can be margined up or down up to ±25% with 0.1% resolution via a PM Bus-compliant serial interface. The serial interface can also be used to read back fault status and both time averaged (~4ms) and peak input/output current, input/ output voltage and temperature. System configuration and monitoring is supported by the LT power Play® development system.
The architecture provides extremely fast transient response and allows operation at the very low on-times required to regulate low output voltages at high switching frequencies.
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