LT6110 cable/wire drop compensator


  • Improve Voltage Regulation to a Remote Load by 10×
  • Ideal for Resistor-Adjustable Voltage Regulators
  • Gain Configurable with a Single Resistor
  • High Side Current Sensing:
    Integrated 20mΩ Sense Resistor for Up to 3A
    Ability to Use an External Sense Resistor
  • 300μV Maximum Input Offset Voltage
  • Output Current Accuracy of 1% Maximum
  • 30μA Maximum Supply Current
  • 2V to 50V Supply Range
  • Fully Specified from –40°C to 125°C
  • Available in Low Profile (1mm) Thin SOT™ and (2mm × 2mm) DFN Packages

Typical Application
LT6110 cable wire drop compensatorDescription


The LT®6110 is a precision high side current sense with a current mode output, designed for controlling the output voltage of an adjustable power supply or voltage regulator. This can be used to compensate for drops in voltage at a remote load due to resistance in a wire, trace or cable.

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