Lock it without a key

Electromagnetic door locks can be very easily implemented to almost any entry or security system.
We got used, that electromagnetic locks are a common part of entry doors to various buildings and offices. There are several types of such locks on a market, the most often they are a part of a doorframe. Each type has its pros and cons.
From some point of view, the most universal are “external” types, which can be easily implemented into any door without a necessity of an intervention to a door construction. Even such types can be found in our offer.
Y280 and Y350 are bulky locks consisting of a module with an electromagnet and a metal plate from a magnetically conducting material, which shall be mounted to a door (usually an upper portion). After switching on a power supply, a strong magnetic field will be created, sufficient to keep the door locked. A force necessary to open a door is quite considerable (2800/3500N) and normally it isn´t possible to unlock such doors by a “violence”. A positive fact is that a metal plate also contains a backstop with a spring damping a noise at locking.
Lock it without a keyA representative of “to be built in” types, is the type Y100S. It operates on a principle of a metal stick ejection, that´s why even in this case is a holding force very high, limited mainly by a door construction. A big advantage of the Y100S is that the lock already contains a security sensor against premature lock activation. After applying a power supply on the lock, “nothing happens” – the lock gets activated only after approximation of a plate with a small permanent magnet (included in a package),i.e. only after the doors are closed. All three types operate at 12V, types Y280 and Y350 can also be supplied with 24V (overall power consumption remains approximately constant).

 Advantages / Features:

  • universal electromagnetic locks
  • usable for almost any door, types Y280 and Y350 even without an intervention to a door construction
  • holding force up to 2800/3500N (Y280/Y350)
  • 12/24V DC power supply (Y100S12V only)

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