Let vibrate only a membrane

To reach a maximum mechanical stability, many Sonitron piezo components are now available even with a foam tape.
Sonitron piezo components feature a high reliability, resistance to harsh conditions and also to vibrations. Despite these features, usually one of the weakest points (as for the vibration-resistance) is the joint of leads with a PCB.
That´s why company Sonitron offers a simple but very efficient solution also improving their assembly. This solution is based on a glued both-sided foam tape, shaped exactly according to dimensions of a given component. Sonitron mars this option as an „FP“ – Foam Patch and is available at SMA(T), SMB, SCS and SMAC series.
Let vibrate only a membraneUpon order we´re able to provide you any component listed in the list of types available with this option. Price difference in comparison to a standard version is approx. 0.20-0.45 Eur depending on a size of a given component.

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