Leave an excess heat to Fischer heat sinks

Precise heat sinks from the production of Fischer Electronic will take care for your devices to stay “cool”.
Over 40 years of experience of company Fischer reflect in an excellent reputation and mainly in a stable high quality of their products.
Main production portfolio consists of heat sinks, connectors and enclosures. Narrow specialization on mechanical and electromechanical components is reflected just in details. We can be sure, that a heat sink which we´ll use in our device, will be available the same precisely made even in a year, two,…
Fischer Electronic takes care for one of the most important feature of heat sinks – planarity and surface smoothness in a place of a supposed touch of component with a heat sink.
Leave an excess heat to Fischer heat sinks
This a critical place, as even the best heat-conducting pastes have still a noticeable worse thermal conductivity than aluminum and just a high planarity and smoothness enables to use only a thin paste layer.
Also available are versions with an anodized surface (natural, black and other colors) as well as various “exotic” shapes. Upon request company Fischer also makes a custom products, drilling, milling,…
And what in the case that we need to cool kilowatts? – in that case it might be a suitable solution to use a liquid cooling, which can be also find in the Fischer Elektronik catalogue.
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